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Mother Roasting - What is it, and why does it matter?

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

These ceremonial services warm, nourish, and nurture women so they can restore emotional and physical balance.

Mother Roasting is the practice of keeping a woman warm immediately after birth and in the first few weeks following birth. It rejuvenates the Mother's body, helps her to focus on and connect with her newborn baby and nourishes her back into being. It also seals up emotional, physical and spiritual gateways that have been opened by birth. Traditional Mother Roasting services include healing touch, cooked foods for nourishment, herbal support and other warming practices such as Moxa Treatments, Bekung belly binds, tea ceremonies, herbal baths and more.

Mother Roasters provide care to nurture the birthing person after birth. We provide support that every birthing person deserves, as they adjust to the changes of postpartum. This raw postpartum time needs to be recognized and ceremonially honored, but deeply necessitates a healing touch that can welcome the new mama with open arms.

As a postpartum receiver, Mother Roasters are reverent with service to her, and are blessed to be her witness as she starts feeding her baby milk, heals her body, and begins to seal the rawness of her birth experience. We are there to wrap her in a blanket of loving care, keep her warm, provide her with healing touchh, create herbal tinctures for her, feed her warm soups, and gift her with ceremony.

Mother Roasters across the world handcraft their balms, tinctures, teas and all remedies used in the honoring ceremonies, which reconnects them to their deeply planted, inner wise woman tradition. There is a sacred connection with each and every herb being used and all ingredients are pure and organic. Tapping into shamanic medicine, and the mother intuition, It’s such a delicate spiritual time that deserves humility, expert care and warmth to help the mother heal and seal her birth story.

But why do they matter?

Honor the need to recover, to rest, and to restore.

What you do in the first 40 days postpartum will set you up for the next 40 years,

so recover with intention. Welcome Support.

So much planning and preparation goes into pregnancy, and even birth, but once it is over, mothers and families can be left unprepared for their new roles and recovery.

Cross-culturally, the importance of warming the mother post birth is shared. The focus is on sealing the birth experience, acknowledging the emotional, physical, and spiritual gateways that have been opened by birth.

There are traditions in Fiji, Korea, Malaysia, China, Thailand, India, the Native Nation Hopi, all across Europe, and yet the postpartum recovery period in the United States is often non-existant. As one of two developed countries on the planet without paid maternity leave , “coughs” *Papua New Guinea* , it’s common for American women to return to work just days after giving birth. Healing is not fully considered, instead women are racing to get back to their “pre-baby” body, striving to not look pregnant anymore. Women start working on personal bests at the gym which can cause a litany of issues before they have even healed their bodies.

Mother Roasting Services provide a safe and supportive environment for mothers to adjust to their new role as they heal their bodies, whether that is for a ceremony, a service, or a week of support. I am here to honor you, your family, and provide a customizable heart-centered service utilizing soft voice, therapeutic touch, and a listening ear. Together we can cultivate a postpartum plan and a soulfully designed ceremony or set of services to suit your needs.

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