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The Red Drum

and how to become a red drum carrier

Drums have a rich history of use during spirit journey work, sound/vibration healing, dance medicine, trance states, rites of passage, and for ceremonial use of all kinds.

The history of the Red Drum Carriers began with Nikiah Seeds of Red Moon Pathways during her shamanic medicine reclamation and training.

When creating her own drum, she journeyed for information and saw everything cloaked in red. Over the years she dove further into women's healing work, co-authored a book on menstrual wisdom, and found a long established connection between womxn and the color red. Nikiah birthed a large community of red drum carriers and has established a team of Red Drum Leaders to bring this medicine way into even more hands.

Nikiah has a big ally heart full of sensitivity to cultures and non appropriation, and I have learned so much from her, I am lucky to call her teacher.

Carrying drums is our ancient birth rite as womxn, and I invite you to join a red drum workshop with me in the future. Or even have a personal red drum workshop with you a few close friends who hear the call. My red drum accompanies me to all of ceremonies, and she is a true ally.

I am so honored to be a Red Drum Leader, offering this passionate reclamation of the divine feminine. Through selfless service, resources, and support, we can come back to the ancient way of nourishing the bringers of life, no matter their age or womb story. Being a red drum leader and carrier has been so powerful, and being able to share this drum medicine with others is a blessing.

Reach out if you are hearing the call to schedule your own Red Drum making and join us as a Red Drum carrier. I offer Private 1-1 sessions for drum birthing, as well as group sessions for womens circles and more.

*When the drummers were women
their hands spoke the mystery of the goddess.
When the drummers were women

sex and sexuality were sacred, always.
When the drummers were women

the heartbeat way was an initiation through life, death and rebirth.
When the drummers were women,

community was created under their rhythm.
When the drummers were women,

they told stories through the wisdom evoked from their fingertips.*

- Layne Redmond“When the Drummers Were Women

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