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A-la-Carte Services

Doula For a Day

   A 2 hour visit,  focused on nurturing your mothering wisdom, allowing rest, healing and bonding with your family, baby care while you nap, support with baby basics of feeding, soothing, sleeping, along with spouse/partner support, sibling adjustment, meal preparation and light household chores, including errands. Includes, herbal support, & two  A-La-Carte services of your choice.  Investment $130-150

Herbal Support

Herbal Supports are included in all packages specific to the Mother's needs. Additional herbal blends/consultations, can be added on for an additional charge.

*hand-crafted organic herbal tinctures


*Herbal sitz baths blends

*DoTerra Essential Oils

*Herbal oil infusions

* Blended Herbal Teas, 

*Herbal V-steam blends

 *Moxa treatments

I look forward to serving you, as a  partner in the healing evolution your soul’s journey into motherhood.

Home Visit &
  Closing Ceremony

   This 3 hour visit,  allows you to ceremonially integrate the experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Supplies including flowers, nourishing meal, foot baths, warm oils and belly binds, allow you to relax into deeply a nourishing experience. You collaborate with your Mother Roaster to clarify your intentions and determine the unique structure of your ceremony. Your partner, family and/or community are welcome to join and support the closing and unfolding. This service can serve every mother and is ideal for those who wish to ritualize their journey with ceremony. Investment $260

Birth Doula Support

With training from Birth Arts International, I offer a heart centered willingness to work with any birthing person and their desires, while lovingly providing continuous physical, emotional, and informational support.

Offering doula support before and during birth allows for better birth outcomes. 

         Investment $850

To check for Availability, and to see if I'd be a great fit.

      Click here to Email Me.

Lean On Me 

   This is an all inclusive package that includes a week of services, designed to help support right after birth, typically when mama is feeling raw and exposed in her new form.

   With this package of services Stephanie will come and visit your home every day for a week, each day providing support and care for mom and family as they transition into this new phase of life. She will spend about 2 hours in your home with each visit, performing a different healing service each time. Including herbal supports, teas, warming meals, Herbal Sitz Bath, Moxa applications, Abdominal hot stone application, Healing touch, Belly Binding (includes belly bind fabric),  Yoni Steam and more.

 Often times mothers underestimate the amount of support and care they will need in the weeks following birth, this package is designed to give you as much support as possible catered to your families specific needs.

Investment $1,050

These services are in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health related condition. All information provided is intended for educational purposes only. If you have concerns about your health,please consult a licensed medical professional.

The FDA has not evaluated these herbs for their safety and effectiveness. They are not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent any health related disease or medical condition.


A-La-Carte rates are $50/ hour plus the cost of herbs and other products used. Choose one or combine services for your own customized package. 

*Once postpartum, always postpartum,

these services are offered  if you had a baby yesterday or 30 years ago!

  • Abdominal hot stone application – great to do before belly binding

  • Belly Casting- A service best offered close to your due date, where a plaster cast of your pregnant belly is made.

  • Belly Binding – best to start around day 5 and to continue to wear for 40 days if possible, usually takes three demonstration session by the practitioner to get the hang of it

  • Mama Manicure or Pedicure - In collaboration with trusted and local Nail Cosmetologist Jessica Ashley

  • Ceremonial Bath & Body oil application – best done on day 40

  • Moxibustion Sessions – excellent to do starting around day 14 and once a week for several weeks

  • Sealing Ceremony – best done on day 40 or any time after and with friends and family

  • Sitz Baths – done as often as needed post birth to heal the tissues

  • Birth Story Witnessing and Ceremonial Tea- A handblended herbal tea blend and birth story witness.  We will write down your ”sealing story”with love and pure intentions, and you are supplied with a large mason jar full of the tea.

  • Yoni Steam – best if done three times after birth beginning on day 9 postpartum

  • Holi Powder Baby Blessing & House Clearing - Prayer over mother and child, as stagnant energy is removed from the home space

  • 'Professional Photography Sessions in collaboration with Jessica Ashley Photography are also available to add on for an additional charge.